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These are some of the films that are in the queue to watch.  Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comment box!

Updated 10/19/2019

Jellyfish – Coming-of-age movie about a difficult teen with a hidden talent.

Wheelman – A getaway movie defined as a mix of Locke and Baby Driver.

The Souvenir – An art student falls into a bad relationship.  97% on RT.

Exotica – Also on Ebert’s all-time list, 97% on RT.

Mustang – The story of five young friends in Turkey as they spend their summer together knowing that they will eventually be subject to arranged marriages.  97% on RT.

Greener Grass – Bizaro indie movie.  In a yuppie town a psycho yoga teacher is on the loose.  Stars Beck Bennett of SNL and is a comedy.

Low Low – A group of friends navigate the last days of summer.

Happy Accidents – Marissa Tomei in a very quirky indie rom com.  I liked her other work from this era.

Humpday – An early work by Lynn Shelton and a Duplas brother. 

The Art of Self-Defense – An offbeat movie starring Jessie Eisenberg.  Some described it as a funny version of Fight Club.  

Diane – The story of a woman whose world is falling apart.

Top End Wedding – 86% on RT.  A woman’s mother has gone missing days before her wedding in Australia.

Love is Now – Australian film that chronicles that unexpected journey of a couple in new love.

Rosie – The story of a mother trying to keep it together after the landlord kicks out the family.

My Days of Mercy – Two women meet at a lethal injection protest and fall into a complicated romance.  

Memories of Murder – I recently discovered director Bong Joon Ho.  Glowing reviews on RT as being something really unique.

The Beat that My Heart Skipped – Gritty french drama, it won movie of the year there..

The Inland Road – An indie drama with a good review.

Ash is the Purest White – A tragicomedy from China.  98% on RT.

Amour – Retired couple have to deal with their daughter having a heart attack.  I’ve heard about this one for years.

Transit – 95% on RT.  A German refugee takes the identity of a dead writer in WW2.

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia – Drama where a group of men (including the suspect) spend the night trying to find the victim.  Drama ensues.  Made many best-of lists.

All the Real Girls – A story about the struggles of young love.

Mysteries of Lisbon – a 4.5 hour epic.  It made many best-of lists.

Maze – Story of 1983 IRA prisoner jailbreak.  100% on RT, described as extremely intelligent.  

The Idea of Manhood – Two friends get together for a day to discuss their shortcomings.  An unexpected conversation ensues.

Never Let Me Go – I’ve seen this on many best-of lists and it stars some of my favorite actors.  4/4 from Ebert.

Fireworks Wednesday – Another film by the aforementioned Iranian director.  100% on RT. 

Women on the Balcony – An entertaining and enlightening look at what happens when ultratraditional religion meets some progressive women.  96% on RT.

Her Smell – Elizabeth Moss as an out-of-control indie rocker.  Critics loved it, the audiences seemed less enthused.

The Conductor – Another indie gamble?  It looks intriguing.

House of Games – Early David Mammet, on Ebert’s list.  

The Wild Pear Tree – 94%, listed as an intelligent drama

Morvern Callar – From director Lynn Ramsey (You Were Never Really Here)

Soul Kitchen – A well-reviewed indie comedy

Brothers – We recently saw Susan Bier’s excellent After the Wedding – this is another film the she both wrote and directed.

Yesterday –   A man wakes up to find that the world has never heard of the beatles.  Romantic comedy written by Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Laggies).

An Audience of Chairs – Indie movie about a talented but schizophrenic musician who loses control over her children.

Zama – Black comedy / period piece.

Pirate Radio – A rollicking comedy by Richard Curtis (Love Actually) with a ridiculous cast.  Similar reviews as Love Actually.

The Hunt – We enjoyed the work of the lead actor in other films.

A Fortunate Man – The few reviews I could find on this movie were good

Off the Map – I saw this on an indie movie review site that said if you like character dramas like The Station Agent that you would like this one.

Blame – I am a sucker for the coming-of-age dramas

If Beale Street Could Talk – Another one that got rave reviews

Bubble – Not unlike the amazing The Rider, this film was made with regular people and not actors.  Very mixed reviews with Ebert saying that he thought it was the second best movie of 2006.


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