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UPDATED 4/14/2023

Hello! I started this page to track movies that are options for watching in the back yard. You can also check out our bigger list here – it contains a lot of indie and foreign movies that are not everyone’s cup of tee. You can click on the title to see the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.


High Fidelity – I’ve only seen this movie a couple of times and not within the last twenty years. Extremely funny and thoughtful, it had a profound effect on me when I saw it. John Cusack and Jack Black, 91% on

Love Actually – This is a cult classic. I saw this long ago and we’ve been meaning to re-watch as I have a copy of the director’s cut that we haven’t seen. Very funny and poignant.


Mad Max – 4k version. It seems as though this movie is everyone’s “top 5 of 2010” lists. We saw it once and I don’t remember anything about the movie itself other than being exhausted (in a good way) when it was done. 97% on RT.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – 4k version. I can’t imagine that you needed to see the first one. Similar to Deadpool but not as raunchy. While this is not my genre I really enjoyed the first one as it was really funny.

RocknRolla – Guy Ritchie! Action / Adventure / Comedy.

Looper – 93% on Rottentomatoes


Official Secrets – Story of British whistleblower before the Iraq war.  Keira Knightley.

Night on Earth – A story of five cab rides going on simultaneously around the world.  Made many best-of lists.  Familiar faces,  91% audience score on RT.

Unbroken – The story of the WW2 vet show survived weeks in the Pacific only to be captured by the Japanese. Only 50% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Beautiful Kate – A woman returns home to see dying father only to have secrets unfold.

Lone Star – Small-town sheriff has to investigate a murder after his father’s bones are found.  Ebert gave it 4 stars. 

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