Best Movies of 2022

2022 was a fantastic year for movies. I am still catching up on all of the ones that I wanted to see but I think I can write a decent list at this point.

Notable Movies That I Haven’t Seen Yet (as of 3/6/2023)

I’ll update this list as I see the movies

  • All Quiet on the Western Front

The Winner

The Fabelmans To say that I was blown away by this movie doesn’t do it justice. I did not anticipate liking and appreciating this movie in the way that I did. Spielberg made something extraordinary.

Didn’t Win But Loved Them To Death

Everything Everywhere All At Once – This movie reminded me of The Kill Bill series. The first half of the movie was not unlike the first Kill Bill in that it was heavy on fighting (which was not expected). The send half of the movie was something altogether different. I don’t know that I was able to breath for the last fifteen minutes. I had assumed that this would be my nominee for movie of the year until I saw The Fabelmans.

The Banshees of Inisherin – I love a movie that can have a very simple premise as the backdrop and then let extremely talented actors take over. I was mesmerized for the duration of the movie.

Decision to Leave – Not unlike other movies made in Asia in the last few years, this movie is an understated gem. The film is a character study hidden inside of a mystery. Just lovely.

Had a Ball Watching It

Top Gun: Maverick – Yeah, I put a big-budget Hollywood movie on the list. It was that much fun. It had no business being that good.

Spirited – This movie had no right being anywhere near as entertaining and moving as it was. Usually when Will Ferrell collaborates with another comic actor the results are disastrous. I could have started watching this movie again five minutes after I finished it.

The Adam Project – Another entertaining and unexpectedly enjoyable from Ryan Reynolds. What is going on?

Some Other Good Ones

Triangle of Sadness – This movie was unlike anything else that I saw this year in a variety of ways. The movie asks us to consider the value of wealth and beauty, and then turns the question upside down.

The Worst Person in the World – This film portrayed one of my favorite themes to think about: we can simultaneous be the best person in one person’s world and the worst in someone else’s world.

The Batman – This was a pleasant surprise. I like that they stripped away the superhero stuff and got back to his roots as a crimefighter.

The Wonder – Florence Pugh dazzles in a period piece that investigates religious fanaticism. The movie stayed with me for days.

Vengeance – This film was a pleasant surprise! A great drama / character study with a little bit of thriller mixed in.

The Noel Diary – Believe it or not, a Christmas movie. Well, not quite – there were a few references to Christmas but it was really a great drama that was later dressed up to be a Christmas movie. I was really blown away by how the story was told.

Cha Cha Real Smooth – A simple stories with complex characters. It was an absolute delight to watch, mostly because of the work done by the three leads.

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande – Emma Thompson gives a delicate and often funny performance as a woman trying to navigate intimacy post divorce. Two actors in a room – loved it.

The Outfit – A tailor becomes entangled with the local mafia. Another tight performance by Mark Rylance.

Thought I Should Say Something

TÁR – There is a LOT to like about this movie. Unfortunately I envied it more than I liked it.

Amsterdam – Style Over Substance. There is almost zero substance here but the style was pretty impressive. That said, the movie really did suck

Don’t Worry Darling – A movie that I actually really enjoyed, partially because of the world that had been created.

Babylon – It is everything that the critics said it is, for better or worse. It is a sprawling movie that aspires to be an epic but it doesn’t get there. The last 20 minutes are actually superb and you need not watch the rest of the movie to appreciate them.

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