When it comes to movies and tv shows I’ve come to realize that if someone asks me about to describe what I saw and I can easily do it then I probably didn’t enjoy it.  The movie Puzzle is certainly a great example of it.  On the surface the film is probably what you might expect – a person (or persons) trying to navigate all of the pieces that go to make up a life.  What are the pieces?  What’s the best way to put them together.   Am I missing any?

As with most good movies (especially character dramas) the strength of Puzzle is in the subtlety.  It is fascinating to see the lead progress from a sheltered and misunderstood life into something more.  More is learned by what isn’t said than what is.

probably not a spoiler


The final scene is perfect in that it identifies that she is a person that is finally growing but it in no way is she a finished product.  A less honest ending would have had her making the trip to Europe.  Instead, she is someone at the beginning of the long-delayed exploration of herself and the puzzle around her.

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