Girls Night

So lets say the guys are watching football and you can’t find your copy of “Eat, Pray, Love” for your movie night with the girls.  What do you do?  The guys are having more fun than you tonight but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch a good movie.  And fear not – no subtitles or indie movies in the bunch.  I tried to include a variety of movies in the list. 

Updated 1/21/2022

This Is Where I Leave You – Don’t let the mediocre Rotten Tomatoes score fool you – this movie was a hidden gem.  A family (Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, many others) comes together for a funeral and the sparks fly.

The One I Love – A couple goes away for a weekend in the hopes of saving their relationship.  We’ve seen that before, right?  Everything else is completely original.  The less you know about the film the better.  I was blown away.  The minute the movie ends the conversations will start.

Blue Jay – High School sweethearts cross paths as adults and realize that they have some unresolved issues.  Funny, sweet and at times gritty.  Mark Duplass and Sarah Paulson.  

The Station Agent – One of my favorite movies.  A dwarf moves into a train station when his only friend dies and leaves it to him.  Funny, smart, sweet.  Peter Dinklage and Patricia Clarkson.

Man Up – This is probably the most rom-commish movie on the list.  A grittier “Love, Actually”.  

The Skeleton Twins – Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig as a brother and sister whose lives have fallen apart.  

Begin Again – A struggling singer (Keira Knightley) is dumped by her rock star boyfriend (Adam Devine).  We still listen to the soundtrack.  A very, very easy movie to like.

Once – The touching story of a man and woman trying to navigate music and relationships.  Still one of the best soundtracks that I’ve ever heard (we’ve seen them in concert).  

Stranger Than Fiction – Will Farrel plays a man who starts hearing voices in his head.  Sweet, funny, dramatic.  Also a ridiculous cast.

Columbus – A beautiful drama that is hard to put into words.  

Blue Valentine – Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams star in this movie that has duel storylines – you see them falling in love and then…   

The Godfather – At this point I just want to see if you read the list


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