Best Movies of 2018 (and the overrated)

I feel that 2018 was a fantastic year for movies. I am still catching up on all of the ones that I wanted to see but I think I can write a decent list at this point.

  1.  Cold War. This film was an epic and those don’t come along that much anymore. Maybe the awful 1941 scared Hollywood away?
  2. The Rider. This may not be the best film of the year but it is certainly the most extraordinary and the most original. The director made a genre where one had not previously existed. I can’t wait for her next film.
  3. First Reformed. Ethan Hawke’s masterpiece (Boyhood is fantastic but that was not really his vehicle).
  4. Sunday’s Illness. The hidden gem of the year. A movie that starts out as a bit of a mystery evolves into something so beautiful. As I said in my review, this is why I watch movies.
  5. Three Identical Strangers. When was the last time a documentary had you on the edge of your seat and left you thinking for days? Extraordinary.
  6. Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction. This documentary was subtle and extremely personal for me. I was blown away by it.
  7. Madeline’s Madeline. As with The Rider the thing that makes this film so unique is the completely unique storytelling.
  8. The Wife. What do you get when you match an amazing slow-burning script with superior actors?
  9. My Happy Life. As someone who is rather introverted and enjoys alone time in a world where nobody wants to be alone this film really spoke to me.
  10. The Favourite. For about the first two thirds of the film I had this rates as the best film of the year. The last third (and probably the ending) left me wanting a little bit. I read more about the last scene – I don’t thin that I interpreted it correctly at time of viewing.
  11. THE BILL MURRAY STORIES: LIFE LESSONS LEARNED FROM A MYTHICAL MAN. Is there anyone on the planet having more fun than Bill Murray? This documentary(?) shows there is more.
  12. The Sisters Brothers. Another example of a fantastic script and a great cast. Who knew John C. Reilly had this in him?
  13. What They Had. I love me some good dialog so it probably shouldn’t be a surprise that some of my favorite films feel like plays. This is one of them.
  14. The Tale. A fascinating and at times heartbreaking tale of a woman (the director of the film) who had “forgotten” abuse from her teen years only to start to remember them as an adult.
  15. Blaze. This movie is what “A Star is Born” should have been. Grittier and told in a very unique way. In a sense it reminded me of Blue Valentine.
  16. Oh Lucy. At different times sweet, funny and heartbreaking. The lead is amazing.
  17. Shoplifters. A fascinating analysis of morality and the interaction of people with questionable morality.
  18. Keep the Change. A rather sweet and funny movie about a man who doesn’t see himself as disabled and what ‘disabled’ really means.
  19. All These Small Moments. A sneaky good drama about a boy who falls for a woman that he sees on the bus. Bonus: Molly Ringwald is in it!
  20. Ready Player One. I don’t think people saw this for what it was – a new and creative way to tell a story about the human condition. The 80’s references were just a bonus.


Hey, they can’t all be good.

1. Roma. It’s a fine film and very beautiful to look at. Other than that… it was a decent film watching experience and nothing more.

2. Thunder Road. I saw this on a lot of “best of” lists and I can’t understand why. The first ten minutes are amazing and then it was like a completely different movie. The reason, I believe, is that the first ten minutes is the short and the rest of the film was written later on.

3. Eighth Grade. Not unlike Ladybird the year before I have to think that I watched an alternate version of what everyone else saw. It wasn’t even the best coming-of-age movie this year. Why the hype?

4. Love After Love. Andie Mcdowell’s best film since Four Wedddings… which isn’t saying much. This was way overrated.

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